Money Mindset & Medicine Series:
Combining The Vibration And Mindset of Money
Discover The Prosperity Principles To Manifesting Money With Ease And Create Your Million-Dollar Money Consciousness Now
There is a Major Disconnect in the way most of the World Operates with Money. 
We’re bombarded with so much hype about the next strategy or opportunity to bring us prosperity. And when the tactics fall short of the results we want, we’re conditioned to search endlessly outside ourselves for a solution.
What you get to understand now is that until you become aware of your Money Consciousness, you’ll continue to manifest the LESSON instead of the financial results you want.
Because Money is just a Symptom 
of the Root Cause.
It’s not the Strategies, Funnels, Career Opportunities, Investments, or The Market that lead to prosperity. The key is not just pursuing wealth. 
Manifesting money is the byproduct of the Energy of Receiving. 
It happens on the inside. 
The key is changing your Beliefs and Attitudes about it
So, if you've been playing the feast or famine game with your money, here’s how you shift into Million-Dollar Money Consciousness and create the results you want.
With The Money Mindset and Medicine Series you will...
  • Unlock the key to manifesting money and receiving prosperity EFFORTLESSLY
  • Uncover your unconscious thoughts and beliefs about money and integrate a new money story that serves that lifestyle you want to create
  • ​Breakthrough struggle and sacrifice to operate in a vibration of continual abundance, prosperity, and luxury 
  • Master the behaviors that allow you to stay congruent and in alignment to receive more money into your life every day
"The TRUTH is that Making Money is as EASY AS BREATHING AIR…"
With The Money Mindset And Medicine Series, you’ll receive:
  • 2 Deep-dive audio coaching lessons (more than 3 hours) to rewrite your limiting beliefs and patterns around money so you can manifest with ease
  • ​2 Breakdown to Breakthrough Opportunity Assignments to support you in integrating a new money consciousness into your life
  • ​The Locklast Laws of Prosperity that guide you to continual and lasting change in your experience with money
  • ​Money medicine video training (over 3 hours) to teach you how to actually BE the vibration of abundance and worthiness to effortlessly receive the flow of money into your life
These are the tools that transformed my experience with money, and now, I’m sharing them with you. ..
Being raised on a farm where we had to grow our own food to survive, the Money Consciousness and Programs I was taught were of lack, scarcity, struggle, and survival. 
It was after discovering that I had a cheating husband that I became a waitress making $2 an hour and I had about $10 to my name with two little boys to feed. They were one and four years old at the time. I paid my friend to sleep on my couch at night, so I could be a mom by day and wait tables at night just to earn enough money to provide food and shelter for them. 
This was the results of the same beliefs and programs I’d been living in my whole life.
By discovering and applying new shifts to my money consciousness, less than a year later that I was known as the mind-body expert on TV and my program at a local gym was running quite successfully. Still, it became clear that I got to serve the world on a bigger level. I moved my business online and started sharing my message all over the world. 
 I went from a $2 per hour waitress to running a multimillion-dollar enterprise without struggle or strategies. I hit six figures a month without having a sales funnel, having an opt-in page, or any other typical online marketing gadgets. Now, clients invest as much as $1 million a year to work together and I share my message at my retreats and in my programs from all over the world.
And I want you to know that it is possible for you too!
You can shift your experience with money so Rapidly and with So Much Ease.
Making money is effortless. And you have the opportunity to create a million-dollar money consciousness now.