Money Medicine Series:
Align With The Frequency Of Prosperity So You Can Manifest Money With EASE
Receiving Money is as Easy as Breathing Air….
When you LIVE in the frequency of Prosperity
What if this was true for you in every fiber of your Being?

Imagine that YOU, in your natural state as a Magnet of Prosperity...

Would attract and receive money and the abundance everywhere and everything always effortlessly flowing to you...
Here’s the truth about operating from Abundance with Ease:
Until you become the VIBRATION of Abundance, 
and the worthiness to Receive it...
You’ll Continuously run from Thing to Thing, striving for the Solution you think is Outside of you that Only keeps you in the Very Same Cycle...
Sound Familiar?
You get to know that the answer ISN’T OUTSIDE OF YOU…
The answer IS YOU.
 I have tripled my income since listening to Marci’s Money Mindset training. Marci’s programs have completely transformed my life. I experience more abundance, peace, flow, joy, pleasure, and love than I ever thought was possible before discovering Marci. If you want to change your life BUY everything Marci has to offer. It’s 1000% worth it.”  

- Laura M.
IT IS NOT the EXTERNAL “Things” such as the strategy, perfect opportunities, investments, market, or people that you “need” to “finally” have it figured it out and RECEIVE
IT IS how much Love, Joy, Abundance, Pleasure, Play, Bliss, Harmony, Magic, Miracles and Freedom you are willing to allow yourself to RECEIVE
THAT has Everything to do with how much money you make as a reflection of How WORTHY you Believe you are to be Supported and What you are willing to RECEIVE.
IT IS An inside Job that will Completely Transform your External World...
What you are Manifesting right now is exactly what you are aligned to. ..
You will ALWAYS Manifest 
what you Vibrate
THE TRUTH is that Abundance is literally everywhere 
and in everything.
The amount of MONEY you are receiving NOW is 
simply FEEDBACK of:
 What you Believe you are Worthy of
 What Programs of lack and limitation you are Operating from
 What gets to be HEALED and LOVED to Allow you to come into Alignment to receive ALL that is waiting for you.
I had an investment stuck and stagnant the past year. After spending a few days diving in with Marci and implementing what she teaches, I began to operate at a higher level and felt so much different. Just a few days of this and I woke up to a message that my investments had broke through the ceiling and I’d just earned $400K. That's just a tiny smidgen of what is possible.” 

— Natalie A.
To transform your Experience with Money, you get to Transmute your Scarcity Consciousness into Prosperity Consciousness.
It is so so so so so much MORE than just new beliefs, 
programs and patterns. 
It is the EMBODIMENT of Abundance
It’s becoming the Vibrational MATCH to it that will 
completely change your experience.
YOU are and have Always been Fully Worthy to be 
Fully Supported by the Universe
To have the Prosperity to be completely taken care of in luxury and to discover all of who you are, to create and serve the world with your gifts while in your passion and play...
Success is your Birthright...

Bliss is your Natural State...

And Abundance is all around you ...


And you want it to be ...
Then this is for you...
And it includes so much value to take you into the depths of Prosperity Consciousness and the Embodiment of Money because we want you to have all the tools to completely changing your experience and now aligning to a life you absolutely love, where you allow yourself to be fully supported...
With The Money Mindset And Medicine Series, You Will...
  • Get the exact tool to align to the frequency of prosperity so you can manifest money with ease.
  • ​Transmute energies of struggle and sacrifice to operate in a vibration of continual abundance, prosperity, and luxury
  • ​Explore the depths of prosperity consciousness and allow yourself to expand into greater levels of peace and wealth every day.
— Here’s what you’ll receive —
Here’s what you’ll receive
 The Complete Money Mindset & Medicine Trainings: An in depth layout teaching you all the aspects required to align to Prosperity Principles & Consciousness and the behavioral tools to align with the frequency of abundance and how to implement it into your life. (Value = $1497) 
 The Money Mindset Guide Book: An outlined step by step guide through the Money Mindset Medicine Program, Principles of Prosperity and the Opportunity assignments guiding you through the behavioral shifts and activities to transform your world. (Value = $97)
 Abundance Activation Meditation Tools- Channeled Activation from Marci to open your energetic body, clear and cleans out stuck energy and programs and bring you into Activation to Receive. Also comes with Marci diving into the things you’ll experience in the activation and how you can inner-stand them fully to incorporate them to utilize coding into the energetic field a new reality of abundance around you (Valued At $497)
 Money Medicine Training: Get a back stage pass and insiders access to a High Level Mastermind where Marci Coached on Money Medicine and the ways to connect to True Abundance in your life along with a Q&A session to give you step by step integration.
(Valued At $297)
 Bridging the Gaps to Money Mastery An exclusive interview with Marci Lock where she shares her journey from waitress to Multi-Millionaire and the exact steps she took to increase her prosperity and what practical steps you can take to master your money story (Value = $297)
 Money Super Powers- In this training with Marci, discover the super power everyone has and isn’t using that creates Abundance, as Marci shares an example of effortlessly receiving a $170k day and a $500k deal all received the same day, and how we all can fully unleash and utilize this power (Value = $197) 
 The Frequency To Receive & So Much More Training - In this training with Marci we deep dive into the natural yet "forgotten" method of using the body to anchor in the frequency of receiving as your natural birth right (Value = $197)
 Daily Enviorment Manifestation Rituals- Join Marci for a behind the scenes tour of the daily rituals used in her home to grid her environment with prosperity, high frequency and the steps and tools she uses daily to align to all she desires (Value = $197)
BONUS: The Freedom Activators: This Audio series is one of Marci’s most famous coachings teaching you how to master her fundamental 5-step tool she even gives her Million $ clients to start with. This is a core foundation to move consciously through whatever shows up to heal it, clear it and align to the vibration and action to move on to create what you really want. (Value = $97)
 BONUS: As I wake Up Today Meditation This is one of our favorite tools that you can utilize every morning to align with your highest level of consciousness so you can manifest the life you desire every day (Value = $88)
 BONUS: The Embodiment of Money with Marci & Andrew Salony,  Learn how Andrew Salony-a world class serial entrepreneur- has built several Multi Million Dollar Businesses through living aligned to the embodiment of Abundance in all aspects of his life.
(Value = $297)
TOTAL VALUE: $3,758.00
ONLY $597 $177!

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