You want to live
With Purpose. Passion. Joy. Love. Wealth. Health.

Freedom to choose exactly what you want for your life 
without expectations… without limits.
The world is full of people telling you that you have to work hard and sacrifice. That you can’t have it all. Well, that’s bulls***! (And you know it.) You know there has to be more.

The LockLast Journey to Freedom is foundational information that will lead you down the path to the all the freedom and awesomeness you deserve. You can receive anything you want. You are a limitless creator… You simply need to begin to UN-LEARN everything you know about why you're not. When you do... everything changes. Your body. Your finances. Your well being. Your connection to love and joy. Everything.

What got you here, is not going to get you where you want to go. This is the journey that bridges the gap between understanding manifestation on the surface, and BEING a conscious creator of a fantastical life.
The LockLast Journey to Freedom gives you FIVE powerful modules
that will teach you exactly how you CAN have it all! 
Each one is designed to turbo boost your life toward greatness.
You will start off strong and get results FAST. This module is all about creating brilliant momentum and deep connections. You will receive so much love, support, and and guidance from your tribe and fellow freedom seekers to stay empowered on your journey. Every single day will just get greater and greater when you have the gumption to commit to awesome.
Fantastical BE-ing.
Uplevel your life by being your f*cking fabulous self. You will be amazed by the external shifts that happen when you align internally. Live fully in the flow of your passion and purpose. This module teaches you how to move from chasing what you want to BEING what you want. You will learn to BE the high vibration energy of wealth, health, and love.
Rockin' Body of Health.
Live in your rockin’ body of health, with energy for everything you want. Invigorate the way you experience with friendships, family, travel, and sex! You get to have it all. This module shows you how to discover your sexy body and ultimate health with fun and ease. You will feel strong and magnificent.
Epic Relationships.
Amplify your relationships to live in perfect harmony. You can have the passionate, amazing, and fulfilling relationships you crave. This module gives you what you need to connect deeply and authentically with your friends, family, colleagues, and lovers. You can have truly legendary partnerships with the people in your life.
Enlightened Empire.
You are uniquely brilliant with your own personal brand of genius. You can have wealth, live in your passion, and enjoy your time. You are worth so much more than you realize (and could make way more money.) You will learn how to accomplish more with grace and agility. This module will be your guide to creating your legacy.
The LockLast Journey to Freedom is your game changer for having true freedom in your life. The freedom that comes from more love, more money, perfect health, greater joy, and knowing how to receive anything you want. This is your invitation to experience life-changing breakthroughs in not just one thing, but in ALL THINGS.
This is your invitation to AWESOMENESS.
Does it work? 
Why yes... it does!!!
Marci Lock knows how to bridge the gap in manifestation. From a $2/hr waitress to a million dollar coach, she embodies this journey to freedom. Now, she will teach you how to do it, but it will be much easier and much fast for you having this proven path to success as your guide.
You can have a life you love.
If you are ready to disrupt the status quo and have ultimate freedom, you NEED The LockLast Journey to Freedom. You deserve an awesome life. Marci wants it for you so much that she is giving away outrageous bonuses for free with when you accept your incredible journey right now.

The Body Breakthrough Workouts.
Transform your body into a fat-burning machine and jump start your Rockin’ Body of Health with this total body training program. With proven results, this program will make it easy to look hot, feel great, and boost your energy. Marci Lock has helped so many people breakthrough to their healthy body with this program, but for the first time ever, she is giving it away with The LockLast Journey to Freedom. You will have more support than ever before with this incredible bonus!
Freedom Activators.
Activate your freedom instantly with the Freedom Activators audio training. This life-changing program teaches you how to transcend any resistance that shows up in your life. Ever. This means no more money blocks, no more conflict in relationships, and no more struggle of any kind in manifesting your awesome life. You learn to move through any negativity in five easy steps so that you can get back to the high vibration energy you need to fully activate your freedom.
Marci's Meditations. 
This collection of guided meditations and visualizations are specifically designed to help you retrain your mind to expand into new patterns and new possibilities. Through these meditations, you will be able to quickly align and connect to co-creation energy. You can keep coming back to these anytime you feel the need to realign and recenter to a state of being.
All THREE of these separate bonus programs are now available to you to access ANYTIME when you join The LockLast Journey to Freedom. With these four programs combined, you will have access to all the knowledge, power, and support you need to massively upgrade your life. You will be able to clearly and consciously create a life you love. Effortlessly.
PLUS: The biggest bonus of all... a lifetime membership to The Best Life Tribe
Typically this community is $97 per month. It's where you get to receive additional trainings and downloads from Marci, ask her any questions that are arising for you and connect with your tribe.  
There's not a more high-vibe tribe online and you are IN.

For. Life.
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