Awakened Relationship Breakthrough
Break Through The Barriers To Create Connection, Peace, And Joy In ALL Your Relationships…
Introducing Awakened Relationships Breakthrough
Join me for a 4-week integration program that teaches you how to consciously create EPIC relationships from the inside...
This program leaves nothing out... 
You’ll delve deep into your unconscious programming to transform how you operate in your relationship with: yourself, the universe, your kids, your romantic partner, your friends, and everyone in your life.
It doesn’t matter how you have been experiencing your relationships until now. 
In each module, Marci uncovers the beliefs, patterns and behaviors that keep relationships stuck AND 
replaces them with new programs and specific action steps to rapidly build trust, connection, and openness as your natural way of operating in relationships.
Get 24/7 Access. Move at your own pace!
When you join Epic Relationships Breakthrough, you get immediate and full access to:
  • Module 1: Clearing Your Old Relationship Programs And Stories To Create Space For Ultimate Love, Safety, And Acceptance In Your Life 
  • Module 2: Healing Your Relationship With You, So You Can Heal Your Relationships With Others, Making Space For Full Expression And True Intimacy 
  • Module 3: Learning How To Speak, Think, Feel, and Take Action To Build Deep, Conscious Connection, Un-Guard Your Heart, and Eliminate Settle And Sacrifice From Your Experience 
  • Module 4: Allowing Love And Connection To Get Better And Better Every Day And Choosing To Create ONLY Epic Relationships In Your Life
Ready To Start Your Awakened Relationships Breakthrough?
Imagine a whole new experience in just 4-weeks…
An Open Letter to those ready for AMAZING
From the desk of Marci Lock:
Dear Lovers,
To some, love might come with a lot of responsibility and be seen as tough, creating structure, constraints, boundaries and limitations for safety, or to hold up the family system.
Yet, it can also mean saying yes, infinite possibilities, no parameters or limitations and exemplifying freedom, and choices based on your higher self.
For me, the more WHOLE I became, the more simple relationships became. Including this title or “job” of mom to my two boys.
These Divine Mentors, I call my Growth Partners, as they are truly my greatest teachers.
They’ve been by my side through everything. We’ve been on stages, podcasts, and videos together talking about our experiences and teachings. We’ve traveled the world doing philanthropy work in third world countries and explored the jungles of Colombia together for sacred medicine.
We made dates nights a priority starting when my youngest was only a few years old. We shared authentic conversations and continually leaned in and learned together. We committed to always experiencing greater and greater relationships.
We built epic relationships and partnerships, allowing all things to exist and be honored...
We celebrated, laughed, cried and shared together moving from unconsciously operating in the programs and ways we’ve been taught, to creating a new paradigm of relating and experiencing relationships.
My former and I chose to build an amazing awesome partnership in raising our boys.
 I love his wife, her parents and their whole family. We chose to consciously create an environment where the boys knew they were blessed to have two amazing families that love them. 
My love does not come with conditions, attachments, expectations, or parameters
I’ve created epic relationships with my lovers, my friends, my team, my clients, and everyone in my life as divine teachers, reflectors and mirrors to create only peace, flow, connection and ultimate harmony with all beings and experiences in life.
"There is so much Available here when we move Beyond the old paradigm of Relationship..."
and now, I want you to know how these epic relationships are built...
That’s why I created Epic Relationships Breakthrough, to empower you to create infinite unconditional love, acceptance, support, trust, peace, and connection as your norm too! 
So what do you say? 
Are you Ready for Epic?!
All My Love,
When You Join Epic Relationship Breakthrough You Will...
  • Learn how to release the parameters, judgements, and conditions that block unconditional love and acceptance. 
  • ​Gain the tools to consciously communicate with others while honoring all feelings to build bridges instead of barriers. 
  • ​Choose only love and acceptance for yourself and others, so you can enjoy relationships that grow greater and greater every day (no matter the situation.)