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Plus! You’ll get lifetime access to every teaching, Q&A recordings, meditations, Breathwork To Create Change, Frequency Wave Activation, Inner Child Activation, Tools & Rituals, and more! You’ll receive support, accountability, and guidance every step of the way and tons more bonuses Marci throws in along the way because that’s just how she rolls as she believes in under-promise and over-deliver and she & the team always over-deliver in the value you receive.

* Live calls with Marci begins July 1, 2020.

Marci Lock
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The law of parallel returns states that whatever you put your energy into, you receive back. If you ever heard Marci’s story of investing in her first coach of $15K when she only had a job as a $2 hr waitress, $10 left in her bank account and 2 little boys to feed along with a Mortgage and many other bills. When she knew she had to make a change, found a way and committed to the process her life completely changed. With that high of an investment in herself at the time that was way beyond her comfort zone, she was completely committed to implementing and integrating into her life all she was learning and taking responsibility to change her world. You will always get back whatever you put in. We know how the rest of the story goes. 
It is because of these Laws of Energy and Universal Truths and principles that we align to for you to be fully supported in moving forward in your life to achieve the results. It is our job to hold the field for you to move beyond resistance and that is why we want you to be fully committed to the process and match the energy you are putting in investment wise with the time, effort and energy to completely change your life. To do so, there will not be any option for a refund if for any reason you choose to sign up and then decide it is not the right time, etc. Once you commit, your life will already begin to shift and change and scary illusions to convince you that “later” or “down the road” would be better might want to show up and things most likely will show up so you can get clear with the universe if you are now moving beyond your comfort zone or going to stay in it.
To clarify, we only have a certain number of sacred spaces open for this experience and once you receive a sacred space to participate, we are energetically committed to you to support you through this with our time, effort, energy, resources and team. You also get instant access to thousands of dollars worth of coachings to get you started and ready to be able to go deeper then you imagined with Marci, along with Activations, Meditations and several resources.
You can participate in whatever way serves you best, all calls and coaching will be recorded so you’ll always have access, along with lifetime access to the program.
We hold this sacred boundary upfront so you can be really clear you want a sacred space and once you choose in, we are all in with you. This only supports all of us to choose what is an ultimate fit and those who are truly ready for this information and integration to align to living their very best life. We look forward to becoming a divine family on the journey together and supporting you fully.